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The e-commerce.

live stores using paypal


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Hi folks,


could someone give me the address of a live store using paypal for all their payment processing please?


I need to setup a couple e-commerce sites but need to know if I can do it with paypal and just how well it works, what limitations, the look and feel etc..


thanks for your help.




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It's probably better to ask for a TEST store using paypal payment processing. Many shop admins won't want you placing bogus orders, which is what it sounds like you're about to do.


It's probably not important that PayPal be used for ALL payments, just that it be an option.



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Using paypal or any other processor for a store does not affect the look or feel of the store at all. You build the store to look like you want and add the processor at a later date. The only thing with paypal is the customer leaves your store for a time while paying instead of collecting the info on site. If you are going to use paypal you need to use an ipn module instead of the default module that is included with osC.

The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

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