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The e-commerce.

Why my My Website is not listed/index by Google


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To kinda of answer my own question I found this site Website optimization (http://websiteoptimization.com/) and it kind of advises you on where you might be going wrong with regards to page load times....


E.g. the results that I received were like this, a lot of useful info I wasn't aware of...


# TOTAL_OBJECTS - Warning! The total number of objects on this page is 11 - consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Combine, refine, and optimize your external objects. Replace graphic rollovers with CSS rollovers to speed display and minimize HTTP requests.

# TOTAL_IMAGES - Caution. You have a moderate amount of images on this page (9 ). Consider using fewer images on the site or try re-using the same image in multiple pages to take advantage of caching.

# TOTAL_CSS - Congratulations, the total number of external CSS files on this page is 1 . Because external CSS files must be in the HEAD of your HTML document, they must load first before any BODY content displays. Although they are cached, CSS files slow down the initial display of your page.

# TOTAL_SIZE - Caution. The total size of this page is 95371 bytes, which will load in over 8 seconds on a 56Kbps modem - or 19.21 seconds. Consider reducing total page size to less than 30K to achieve sub eight second response times on 56K connections. Be sure to provide feedback for pages over 30K by layering your design to display useful content within the first two seconds. Consider optimizing your site with Speed Up Your Site or contacting us about our optimization services.

# HTML_SIZE - Caution. The total size of this HTML file is 54488 bytes, which is above 20K but below 100K. With a 10K ad and a logo this means that your page will load in over 8.6 seconds. Consider optimizing your HTML and eliminating unnecessary features. To give your users feedback, consider layering your page or using positioning to display useful content within the first two seconds.

# IMAGES_SIZE - Warning! The total size of your images is 35356 bytes, which is over 30K. Consider optimizing your images for size, combining them, and replacing graphic rollovers with CSS.

# CSS_SIZE - Caution. The total size of your external CSS is 5527 bytes


Back to the drawing board I guess, because there is plenty of room for improvement


Is this help?


anybody can tell me?

Thank you!

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Well, that explains why your site is loading slow and will probably get really slow if you are successful and put it under the load of a lot of traffic, but it has very little to do with getting listed on Google. I just made a post about getting listed on Google in another thread here. Since making that post, I've found that there is a contribution for a Meta-Tags module for the header and also for category pages. That is the first step in making your site more search engine friendly.


Google also still has trouble with long urls that contain more than one special character or long session numbers. There is also a contribution to shorten your urls. I believe it requires you to have access to mod-rewrite and htaccess. If you do, also install that. I found links to all three of those mods in posts on this forum.


Find my other post for some tips on optimizing your meta tags and linking strategies to get picked up faster by search engines. Having incoming links from other sites already listed in Google that are related to your site and have (preferrably) a page rank of 4+ (but take whatever you can get, as long as they are actually related to your site) will help you get listed faster, possibly rank higher, and give you some traffic to jumpstart your store.


Get your site listed at DMOZ.org as soon as you feel your site will meet their requirements. Read their submission rules and be sure you understand them before trying to submit there or you will probably get yourself banned there. This is the most important place to be listed, because all the major search engines will pick you up from there.


www.searchengineworld.com and www.searchenginewatch.com and www.selfpromotion.com are some good places to pick up tips on search engine optimization.


MSN is gaining in popularity and is probably worth doing some research on optimization techniques for that search engine, as well.


If you can afford to do som PayPerClick ads on Overture for a while on low cost keyword phrases, the top 3-5 slots will get you listed on many of the major search engines, including Yahoo.


Go to www.alexa.com and get one of their free web ranking boxes, then use it to go to Alexa to check out your site and that will get you listed there in a couple months, and getting listed on Alexa will get you into other search engines as well.


Good luck.

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