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Wrong language on orderdate in invoice


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I have a problem that I just cant solve and cant find any anwers to. Im using the contribution "Batch print center" that allows me to print out several invoices with one klick - in PDF-format.


Anyway. My site is in Swedish but the orderdate shows up in english. I have set my local to sweden in english.php and all the dates in the store shows up right, but not in my invoice.. It says 27 January - 2005. I want the monthname to be in swedish instead - not english!


Here is the code that writes out the orderdate om my invoice:

if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['show_order_date']) {


$pdf->ezText("<b>" . TEXT_ORDER_DATE . " </b>" . date(TEXT_ORDER_FORMAT, strtotime($order->info['date_purchased'])) ."\n\n\n",SUB_HEADING_FONT_SIZE,array('justification'=>'right'));




Please help me out :'(

So what?! Who care in a hundred years anyway?

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