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MS Access to MySQL conversion issues


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perhaps someone here might have some ideas on my problem


I'm importing data from an MS Access database to OSC

communication is not an issue, i already have working ODBC connector


the problem is data scheme organization

the access database stores products by Category and Subcategory

while OSC has a single Category that allows nesting


since the origional Cat and Subcat were seperate tables, their IDs will collide if i try to convert both of them into the same OSC Category table


I could of course generate new IDs as i convert, but this is a pain, plus it introduces the problem of what am I going to do when I transfer data back to Access? (some people around here dont know how to use SQL and i need to keep the old data so they can work with it)

plus what happens if the Access version get some categories changed? then id have to retransfer them over, but this would clobber all the OSC category->product linkings....


maybe someone has some ideas on how to handle these conflicts

a better way of organizing it....


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Some thoughts: transfer everything over to MySQL and then use ODBC to that for your MS Access connection. There are also DB front end's sort of like Access (I forgot the names), that connect to MySQL, and you do not have to do SQL queries. Another option: if your non-sql-query executers have a finite set of queries they run, build a little Web front end in PHP to a MySQL DB that stores everything.



David Watson

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