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newbie ? -- any help really appreicated


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First, I have done a search for this in the Knowledge Base, manual and the forums, and have not found the answer.


There must be a way, but I can't find it, to assign an inventory level to a specific product. I see the Stock Inventory screen in the Admin>configuration, but that seems to apply parameters (especially whether to "check stock level") to all products. How do I assign whether to "check stock level" or track inventory to each product individually. We sell some event tickets that can handle any number of people (no inventory) and some that have limited space (inventory of seats need tracking).


Thanks so much for helping out a newbie. I know that it is a pain to answer such basic questions, and I'm probably just missing something obvious. :'(


David Watson



David Watson

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As far as I am aware of, there isn't any provision for enabling/disabling the use of inventory monitoring on a per item basis. It could probably be accomplished with a little php coding.


As for me, I have some products that I don't use inventory monitoring on. I just set the inventory to an outrageously high number on those items.

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