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Email Issue with Host & OSC


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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me here,


My Host has just sent this out to me




Due to the high level of Spam and user complaints pertaining to our network, we are preventing all email from being sent from the Vortech network which does not contain a valid email sender address.


Using PHP to send Mail on UNIX:


The most common of these emails is a PHP mail function generated mail that has no sender address set. The following is the correct usage of the PHP mail() function:


mail("nobody@example.com", "the subject", $message,

    "From: webmaster@yourdomain.tld", "-fwebmaster@yourdomain.tld");


In this example, "Nobody@example.com will recieve an email with the subject of "The subject" and a body of the contents of the php variable "$message".


The "From: webmaster@yourdomain.tld" is what the message header will say.


The last field, "-fwebmaster@yourdomain.tld", is setting the from address. JUST setting the "From:" in the header will NOT set the from address for the email. You MUST use this 5th field to set the senders address.



Using PHP to send Mail on Windows:


Edit the php.ini file in your home directory.


"sendmail_from=postmaster@hsphere.cc" will not work. You must use a valid senders address in this field.


Vortech makes no exceptions for improperly formatted mail.


Best Regards,



Vortech, Inc.


Now all my OSC sites dont send mail - I have filled in the from address etc and its still not working - any ideas?


PS its send mail on a linux box


Thanks all

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Have you tried adding a valid email address to the 'Send Extra Email" to see if they show?

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