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The e-commerce.

How do i remove required information?


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configuration/customer details


Cool thanks man, that worked. Is it possible to remove the address and the contact information? I don't need it for what im doing.


Also, how can i change the text that exists there? For example where it asks First Name in the required field, I would like to change it to "Fake Name" for example. Thanks .

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About point 2: It?s all in the folder catalog/includes/languages/your language. If you are using English, look for english.php and make the changes. Also, look for account.php and other files that you want to change.

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During the New user signup how do i remove the *required fields.  I don't wan my users to have to enter all that info.  Thanks in advance.



let me know if you get a fix on this i want to get rid of it too!

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction virose, just checked it out and yea everything is there. Too bad i don't understand it very well. I posted the code i think i have to mess with below. How do i remove the requirement for a new user to enter his/her address? I tried removing it but the fields are still there.




define('ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_ERROR', 'Your Street Address must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');


define('ENTRY_SUBURB', 'Suburb:');

define('ENTRY_SUBURB_ERROR', '');

define('ENTRY_SUBURB_TEXT', 'Street Address:');

define('ENTRY_POST_CODE', 'Post Code:');

define('ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR', 'Your Post Code must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');

define('ENTRY_POST_CODE_TEXT', '*');

define('ENTRY_CITY', 'City:');

define('ENTRY_CITY_ERROR', 'Your City must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_CITY_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');

define('ENTRY_CITY_TEXT', '*');

define('ENTRY_STATE', 'State/Province:');

define('ENTRY_STATE_ERROR', 'Your State must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_STATE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');

define('ENTRY_STATE_ERROR_SELECT', 'Please select a state from the States pull down menu.');

define('ENTRY_STATE_TEXT', '*');

define('ENTRY_COUNTRY', 'Country:');

define('ENTRY_COUNTRY_ERROR', 'You must select a country from the Countries pull down menu.');

define('ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT', '*');

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Thanks again virose, that link helped. Ive finally removed all the fields except for two.


**Error Your E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid - please make any necessary corrections.


**Error You must select a country from the Countries pull down menu.


Ive gotten rid of the rest of the error messages but i don't know where i can remove these two checks.


Also...How do i remove the headings belows the required information. The ones that say,

"Your personal information"

"Your Address"

"Your Contact Information"



The fields are now gone but that still remains.

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