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Clicking on reviews generates new categories


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Hello, this looks like one hell of a forum, I'm a newbie to oscom, but quickly getting around. I have run into a bit of a snag though and i hope someone would be able to help me.


the link: the store


When you enter the store, you'll notice that the categories in the drop down "catalog" section contain the right categories, but the "categories" section has some from an unknown orgin, if you select from the "catalog" the "categories" shows corect, if you click on reviews, presto chango, back to the unknowns.


Is this a known issue? can it be repaired, or ami overlooking something simple, I have attempted to search the forum threads but this is one big forum!.


BTW this was installed using fantastico from my control panel.


can anyone help me?



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Your site is linking to http://www.herbalenergetics.ca/catalog/index.php?cPath=2

for some reason. (which you probably know)

I personally would not use CPanel to upload anything, especially an entire site. (if you mean cpanel?)

You should be using some ftp software to upload the site.

Was it a fresh copy of OsCommerce that you uploaded?




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thanks for replying, i did use cpanel, though i dont know if it was a fresh store, i would imagine it should be. I would like to get to the bottom of this though, its like reloading windows vs. cleaning your registry.


i dont want to strip it. :(




Any other ideas?, maybe a reason it is doing this, i removed all products and categories from the admin before i started, could the mysql data base have this info corupting it?




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