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The e-commerce.

worth investing the time?


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I am curious as to how well this cart performs are there any major bugs or security issues at this stage of development. I have been attemting to design a cart using Zencart After almsot a month of designing and changes it came down to the fact that I could not get the help I was needing my post were going unanswered. They seem to have issues with the session ids in the url and bots are grabbing them and indexing them and of course the links are no good when a potential client clicks them. Also seems a issue with msn indexing the cookies. MAy or not be a fault on the development team however an issue I had and after 2 weeks of asking 3 times no response. So I dumped the whole project and am looking for a new approach.


My needs


ability to have twenty thousand plus products

cc and paypal modules that are working at 100% good parse times

attributes to display colors and multiple size options

be able to set shipping on a per item bases ( not important as adding 10% to the shipping will work for me) is there a module for this?


DO you as a member of this forum feel that you get the support you need. I do realize it a free service but help is always needed. Is it easy to modify the look and feel (color boxes buttons page layout etc) ? Is it easy to make this cart (lighter) as in removing all the things not needed (banners, taxes, tutorials etc) not really sure what all it has to offer as of yet.


I decided to ask these things first as after wasting a month of designing only to flush is very upsetting and I dont care to have to go through this again.



Well thank you for your time


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You should first decide for yourself how much you value your time. Creating an online shop consumes time it's a fact. It will be either your time or the time of the developer you hire. The best thing to do is to get a quote for the project and decide if you can earn more doing some other job then developing a store. If the answer is yes you should probably outsorce the project, otherwise do DIY way.

However all above doesn't work if you're doing the project as a hobby time is not that critical in this case.

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In my case, I chose to do my own store using osc. I had done it twice before with a couple of the major commercial store applications. But I wasn't happy with the inflexibility. In one of them any changes had to be coded by the software vendor at exceptional cost and for the other customization modules were available, but at fairly high cost. I wanted more flexibility.


Since I had a working store already, time wasn't an issue. I used my spare time and got exactly what I wanted. You can take a look at what I did with it if you like by clicking the "card" button in the lower left of this post.


I found this community to be a huge help. I rarely had to ask a question because a search of the forum or documentation site usually found the answer. On a couple occaisions I needed more advanced help to get the exact feature I wanted. In those cases I hired someone from the forum to help at a very reasonable rate.


I don't see anything in your needs list that isn't within the scope of OSC and the available contributions.


It is very modular so you can generally take out what you don't want or need. There are several threads in the forum that I have seen on how to reduce mysql queries to increase speed.


In my opinion, for someone willing to do some work under the hood, OSC is the best option available. :thumbsup:

Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of store has 20,000+ products?  I mean, to me, that sounds like a Walmart.  I'm surprised to hear anyone actually has that many things in stock ...


why do you assume a store with that many products have them in stock? Some of us dropship from wholesalers... :-"

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Or? Some of us are running online decal stores that offer approx 20,000 online with the potential to list well over 2 million different custom graphic decals for your cars business street signs what ever you need vinyl graphics for and the figure of 20000 is a very small number. Hope that explains it

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We have over 7000. I see absolutely no problem going to 20,000. Plan ahead how you'll organize them in your catalog, though. Strategy now will save you pain later.


If you have any question about whether or not you'll get the help you need from these forums, consider the quantity of replies you have gotten to a thread that's not that technical in nature.


Lightening the experience that osC gives your customer is definitely doable. Many folks here center the store, remove/merge many infoboxes, create their own infoboxes, add dynamic content to the main page, etc.


Stick around - - if supportability and customizability is what you want, you've come to the right place.



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Apologies if I've got this wrong, but I'm wondering if you're expecting too much.


As someone mentioned earlier, open source is a DIY environment. Osc provides us with free tools, and a community that 'can' provide some support and guidance. But in the end you're building your own house - and you don't really have a 'right' to expect your neighbors to come over and help build your house.


If you pay someone, however, you have the right to expect those things.


Perhaps as the earlier poster suggested, you should be willing to pay someone with experience to help you when you start beating your head against the wall.

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Thank you,


Well after looking around Found nothing I wanted was out of reach and fairly easy to do. Since nothing is actually custom made for site I have been able to do most of it. Although I did need to contract some things out like a decal previewer and a font previewer but that is for another forum. Good thing flash objects can be added. Thank you for all the tips

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