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The e-commerce.

Dynamic Horizontal Category Dropdown Menu

Ken Wood

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Hello everybody,

I`m new to the world of OSC but think it is a wonderful thing and am about to build my

first shop now. After a week of surfing these forums and the contribution sites I yet

have not found what I look for - I am sure it is there, but forgive me for having given

up and wasting bandwith with my request.

This is what I am trying to do:

- Layout the shop using STS

- create three rows of horizonal menu, the first for Home etc., the second and third

for the main-categories

- utilize a ready-made script for the menu like fw_menu.js or likewise Netscape 4 -

save scripts

- get those category buttons filled from the database

- same with the subcategories which should appear via mousover in drowdown-menu

You get the picture. Doesn`t look too tricky I guess - but for me it is.

I either look for a finished contribution (preferably) or for a workaround which could

look like this:

- Have the Main-categories as non-dynamic items

- Get the dropdown filled with a "read-out" of the sub and sub-sub-categories

By "read out" I mean getting the data of the subcategories and restructure this

info into a list in the dropdowns of the main-categories they belong to.

I imagine the default category box as a possible source/hint - it`s gotta get it`s "list"

of subs somewhere, but where? I`m only a PHP-starter - sorry!

Any help or tip is much appriciated! TIA!

Ken Wood

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