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DiscountKidsGames.Com - Please Review


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Hey Ya'll -


I'd like to invite you to review our newest OsCommerce store:




We launched this site around Dec 21 and thankfully, we're getting orders every day! (woo-hoo!)




This OsCommerce store includes multiple OsCommerce contributions - thanks to all the wonderful developers and contribution folks:


1) Easy Populate: we use the Easy Populate contribution to update our inventory daily.- very cool!


2) BizRate: we have a cron job setup on the server (very easy, the server has Plesk control panel) that executes the bizrate.php file daily and uploads our product feed to BizRate.Com


3) Froogle: same as #2 above, but with Froogle


4) Verified by Visa - Mastercard Secure Code: we used this contribution to integrate USAEpay payment gateway, as that's the gateway that we use and sell.


5) Recover Cart: use this every few days ... although I can't say for sure that's it's been effective at bringing the customers back ... so far, I've sent 10-15 of the "recover cart" emails but I don't think any of the shoppers returned ... maybe the S/H was to high ... I'm using the USPS shipping module.


Look forward to you checking it out and letting us know what we could to for improvements!



Fred McKinnon

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Are you ready?


Real real real wordy... on the lead page. as a customer your mission is not that important to me... Iam more interested in price and product. That is why i searched whatever phrase brought me to you.


catagory box is reduced in size too much making it difficult to make out the catagories available to choose from.


scape the section on the main page

"We're adding new products every day, and we have many more products and categories available than what is listed on our site. If you don't see something you'd like, please contact our Customer Service via email or by calling toll-free at 877.246.6075."


Put the Phone number up in the logo... Put in a comming soon section... Put in a bold one liner "Don't see what your looking for.... Call us." with call us linked to the contact us page.



drop the section


"Our most recent games are listed below. You can also search our store by clicking on the "Categories", by choosing a "Manufacturer", or by using our search tool on the left."


It says recently added games above the box..... below that phrase.



leave the

"Our site is secured with SSL encryption for your privacy and security. We promise to not share your personal data with anyone! Happy Shopping!"


I never thought about putting that in the lead page



Put that hpp logo in on the lead page --- maybe as a smaller version -- it is a good looking graphic.


Contact us page put in a "<br>" at the end of each address line and shrink the size of the text. and your name does not appear on this page. --- I know it is right above it but on that off chance that someone sends you a letter. (some --- not all -- can get pretty silly about things like that)


Over all it does look good with the colors and stuff. I mean no malice by what i indicated these are just simply observations that i made when i logged on to the site.

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Your store looks odd in FireFox, because the left column stretches out really wide, and makes your store look lopsided.


On my 1024x768 screen, your left column is half as wide as your center column!


the right hand column works properly, though.

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Are you ready?



Put that hpp logo in on the lead page --- maybe as a smaller version -- it is a good looking graphic.


Hey -

Thanks for the feedback - all VERY GOOD stuff. What HPP logo are you talking about? I assume you mean something other than the "DiscountKidsGames.Com" logo - but I'm not sure what other logo you're referring to??




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