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The e-commerce.

Securing our website


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Right now, our /catalog file folder with our whole osCommerce set up is in a /public file on our server, along with the rest of the files for our regular website.


Now that we've created the SSL set-up, there are /secure & /secure-cgi-bin folders as well, on the same level as the /public file folder.....


What do we move to these folders, and what do we have to modify (config.php wise) to have everything run the way it does now (really great so far!) only with the security feature?



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Now that we've created the SSL set-up


What do you mean by this exactly? Have you installed a full ssl certificate? Or are you using the shared ssl certificate provided by your hosting company?


Unless you are running osCommerce as a CGI then you don't need to do anything with the 'secure' cgi-bin.


If you have a 'secure' folder then it looks like you are operating on one of those rubbish systems where you have seperate folders for http and https, and if this is the case then you are going to have to duplicate all of your website files/folders within the 'secure' folder. Also, whenever you edit any pages in the http folder you are also going to have to update the same page/s in the 'secure' folder.



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This is a generic SSL certificate provided by the server...there was also an option to create a CSR to use to buy an SSL from a Certificate Authority......so I'm going to assume it's a shared certificate on our server......


We're taking payment by credit card, but we're doing manual swipes with the merchant services we already pay for with our retail space....but we want customers to know their info is secure......


So in duplicating everything in the /secure folder - can we select the /catalog folder in our "File Manager" panel on our server and just "copy" it to the /secure folder? Or do we need to select each and every file & folder individually? Or can I back it up, download it to my pc, then upload it to the secure folder?? And then one more question - when we finally link the shopping cart to our current website, where to we link to? the /secure/catalog folder? or the /catalog folder?


You've all been such a big help - we SO appreciate it!!

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you need to ask your host how this is to be setup, as each host has their own requirements. send your help desk a question about how ssl works for your particular situation

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