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Tie Attributes Together


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I have a client who runs a ski shop, and we are setting up a store for them to sell mostly clothing through. The problem we are running into is with the product attributes.


They client might sell three different colors of a certain item: red, blue and black. Now the red item is avaiable in small and medium; the blue item is available in large and x-large, and the black item is available in small, medium and large. Is there a way to tie one attribute to another, so if they selected the blue item, they would only be able to pick the large and x-large, if they selected the red item they would only be able to select small and medium etc? It would also be handy if you could turn the second attribute on and off without deleting it, as items go in and out of stock.


I'm hoping that maybe I'm just not smart enough to use the product attributes part right, or there is a contribution that will help me out with this. Otherwise, I suppose its coding time.


Thanks for any help.

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