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CCGV 5.11 AND Free FreeShippingPayment V5


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Good morning everyone- I've posted on the forum with these, then thought I had the ccgv issue fixed by adding Linda's freeshipping/charger but it's come back again. After I installed the ccgv my catalog (2.2ms2) stopped sending out order emails- the customers don't receive them and neither do I. I then, based on another post where it circumvented someone else's problem in ccgv, installed Linda's mod (v5) and, for a few days, it worked fine. However, the free s/c (while it works fine otherwise) keeps coming back as a PayPal order. This is a problem for 2 reasons, 1. PayPal orders are set to 'processing' which means I have to go in and update all of the freebie orders manually or reset PayPal to 'shipped' which would mean I would still have to go in and change all the real orders back to 'processing' manually probably irritating customers in the process and 2. of course, since it's working properly otherwise, no one is actually getting sent to PayPal so all of these freebie orders are landing in my Recover Carts section. Since the free s/c is a pretty basic mod I wondered if adding a sort order to it would get it away from PayPal and added an order status to it as well (which I set to 'shipped' but it just ignores it and goes with whatever I have PayPal set at) and at that point it quit sending order emails again. I went ahead and removed my changes to the free s/c so it was back to the basic it started with and worked with (except for the PayPal issue) but no luck- still no order emails being sent out either to tell me there is an order or to update the customers.


Has anyone else run into either of these and has a solution or does anyone have any ideas where I could find the cause? Thanks!




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