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firefox and netscape colour problem


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need help here guys, if some one can tell me what code to correct.



website works fine with explorer , but when the two mentioned above . The colour is all wrong , and you can read the text.

check my site and you will see .









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ACK thats UGLY! Kinda looks bad in Netscape too! hehe joking. Yea I saw what you are talking about. Netscape seems to only show the film reels behind all your text, only when listing the headings of the categories. IE: Filmcells on the left, it shows the background image of a filmstrip, but then turns black and doesnt show a thing but a black background under your words, which is not good because your words are black.

Some things just aren't compatible with netscape. 10-20% of your cusotmers (and being in UK probably more) are gonna be running netscape. If I were you, I would experiment with it - but for now. REmove those filmstrip backgrounds. You could however do a IF NETSCAPE command, but I am not knowledgable on how the php works with OSC to understand how to do that other than through straight HTML. This if statement would detect netscrape and remove those for you if they are running it. Best suggestion I could give oyu, but at least I verified it for ya!

Oh btw, you need to offer stuff in US DOLLA! I like the Ghostbuster thing! :)


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