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New Contrib Ideas ~ Or Updates on Old Ones


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I've searched through and utilized many contribs now. Thanks Y'all! When I make some money, I will come back and thank you properly, but until I get some product flow a thanks is all I can give... Sorry.


I have a few contribs I'm still looking for.


1. Does anyone know a way to get only the top category (select * from categories where parent_ID = '0') images and headers to show up on the main page right above the new products box like the secondary and tertiary categories show up on their pages? :blush: Been working on it. Loaded the category_block contrib but it gave me all the categories because I don't have category in the image titles. Some customers prefer to click pictures rather than a category tree.


2. Does anyone have an answer to keeping inventory by various attributes of a product? (Example: we have 2 blue size small and 4 red size large left in inventory. Right now it would just show that we have 6 products.)


3. Is there a good site map contrib out there?


4. Is there a good way to get marketing out there in the big bad web without paying a fortune that I don't have?


5. Is there a way to know what contribs are 'worth it'?



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