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osCsid Problem


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For some reason my site won't append an osCsid to the url until the shopping cart has at least one item in it.


So what happens is, if the user clicks on the My Account button (for example) in the header and logs in, they get an osCsid on the secure server. But when they start browsing the catalog (on the insecure server) the osCsid is lost until they put an item in their cart. When they go to checkout, they have to log in again as the osCsid that was created when they first logged in was lost.


I just want to be able to give the user an osCsid that will stick with them throughout the entire site, regardless of what's in their cart or whether or not they are on the secure server.

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Ok, it appears as though the osCsid is only used when switching from the unsecure to the secure server. I'm sure this is normal behaviour. However, what isn't normal, is that it will only do it when there is something in the cart.


As I previoulsy mentioned, if I click on the Checkout button in the header when my cart has one or more items in it, I will be presented with the login screen (on the secure server) and the url will have an osCsid appended to it. If I try it with an empty cart, the same thing happens except there is no osCsid appended to the url.

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