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Overstretched Table Widths


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Website: http://mowear.co.uk/shop/index.php


You can see that its been made smaller to width, 673px but if you click on an item you will see the content area stretches, do i have to edit every single tablewidth from the affected files or is it just one?




Actually, neither is correct. You need to add the beginning parts of a table in includes/header.php and the closing parts in includes/footer.php. This effectively surrounds your whole shop in a table. You can see examples by looking at any of the Center Shop contributions, the code generated by the PageMaker contribution or by searching the forums for "Center Shop."


Also, for future reference, many people ignore questions that appear to have already been answered. When you bump, besides being against the forum rules, you make your message appear handled. It may never get answered that way.



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I got this from contributions,


add three peices of code, one to stylesheet.css, one to header.php and one to footer.php


it worked great for me




file = catalog\stylesheet.css

line = any place, I put at top of listing (line 12) so I knew where to find it


CODE - add this code to your stylesheet.css, you can change the demensions but the (-) pixel needs to be half of the width pixel.


.centerpage {

width: 770px;

position: absolute;

left: 50%;

top: 0;

margin-left: -385px;







file = catalog\include\header.php

line = 55, insert one (1) new line


CODE - add this code to header.php


<div class = "centerpage">


just before lines,


<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

<tr class="header">




file = catalog\include\footer.php

line = 60, insert one (1) new last line in file


CODE - add this line to the end of footer.php



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