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The e-commerce.

Configuring Main Page


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Okay.. i'm a newbie here.. and can't find this in the knowledge base.


I'm just trying to understand the general structure a little better so that I can figure out things on my own.


It looks like the catalog/index.php file is the main page, which keeps the left column and header and footer the same, and then draws other pages into the middle of the page.

So ..there is the header.php file, the column_left.php, the footer.php, mainpage.php file , and some others which I'm not exactly sure of.

For instance, I want to get rid of the "What's new in January Box" .


Is there a place I can go to that explains the overall structure of the shopping cart?


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To get rid of the "what's new in January" area, comment out the following area in catalog/index.php:

           <td> <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?></td>


Most of the .php files in the main directory (i.e. create_account.php, index.php, etc) all call header.php, column_left.php, column_right.php, and footer.php. The text strings in them are nearly always defined in catalog/includes/languages/english/<module_name>.php or thereabouts.





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Next problem.

When you go to the categories page, what page is being pulled into the middle.

It looks like its still the index page, but the "What's new in January" box shows up on that page.


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index.php actually contain different 3 pages. The catalog's homepage, categories page and the products page (with "Let's See What We Have Here" header). This is done by using basic if, else control structure.

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