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Display in USD, but Process in AUD


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I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have found a few posts looking for something similar, but no solutions that I can find...(I have been searching for about 24 hours straight..) :'(


I am running a shop with mainly downloadable products (odd tangible product also - shipped worldwide).


I use Paypal IPN and Eway shared SSL gateway (in AUD)


What I want is for the prices to be displayed in USD for 'rest of the world" and AUD for Australia and for the amount processed by paypal to be in USD (as they don't currently support AUD) and the amount processed by my payment gateway to be in AUD.


Currently - although throughout the checkout process & when I choose eway the price is displayed in AUD (eg $67) - when I go to the gateway to process a credit card the amount to transact is the USD figure (eg $50), but trying to process AUD ($50 instead of $67).


I am not sure how to get oscommerce to transact in AUD for the payment gateway, and USD for Paypal IPN...


Can anyone help me?




Thanks, Sam

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Turns out it works now.


I had not set the default currency to be 1 in the exchange rate and the USD as it's exchange rate in comparison to AUD.


Just in case it helps anyone out there, what I did was:


In Admin - set AUD as default currency

In includes/languages/english.php - set - define('LANGUAGE_CURRENCY', 'AUD');

In Admin=>Localization=>currencies=>value to 1 for AUD (default currency).


I would actually like it to be automatic somehow (the customer does not have to choose to view the currency, it just automatically shows it), so if anyone has any ideas, let me know.




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