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The e-commerce.

Handmade jewelry site


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The color choice needs rethinking on your swirly "thingy" which I have yet to figure out what it is or why its there.... please dont tell me that represents the product in any way....


The layout needs work.... your widths are off creating horizontal scrolling. BIG no no.


The site is very disorganized when I look at it. The choices made to move boxes, breadcrumb etc were not made well IMHO.


Button text is terrible and hard to read.


The header image also gives me the IE image toolbar on mouseover.


Drop the little osCommerce cartoony graphics used on your privacy etc pages.


Inconsistent font styles in boxes - see tell a friend box


Needs serious rethinking and retooling before you try and sell anything.

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I did say the top graphic was temporary, and is only a placeholder.


I'm not getting any horizontal scrolling in IE, Netscape, Mozilla, or Opera. I'm on 1024*768 resolution.


I don't think the boxes or breadcrum are "disorganised" at all. They make perfect logical sense to me.


I realize the button text needs redoing, which I will get to once I decide how to redo them.


This isn't meant to be a major shop, by the way. It's to funnel people into ebay, for the most part.

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I think this site would look a lot cleaner if the shop was centered.


It looks too spread out with no defining structure to it.



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