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As an overview, this shop will be an eyeglass shop.


The way I want to set this site up is through a step-by-step customizable eye glass shop.


I am just having some difficultlys getting this idea into code.


What I want to do is:


You click on your sex: Male / Female


Then the page takes you to the next page in which you select your frame.


Then you click next, and you select your lenses.


Then you input your Rx, then any coatings and other accessories.


I hope this is not too hard for you to visualize. I just don't know on how to get this kind of set up customized, like how it will remember all the values and direct you to the next page.


All Help appreciated. Thank You!

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Personally I would create a Flash page. This page will provide your customers with various options and ultimately redirect them to the appropriate product page.


I hope that's helpfull. :lol:

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I created the product selector on http://www.fivestarfido.com to step the Customer through selecting a product and adding options. For each step I created a new page and the selections from the previous steps are stored in $HTTP_GET_VARS.


So, in step one the Customer chooses a subscription length. When they click Continue, I process the page and redirect to the next step with:



In the next step, the dog size is selected and so I process the page and redirect to the 3rd step with:



On the 3rd step where the final option is selected, I added some code to determine the product id based on the Customer's selections. Then add the product to the shopping cart and redirect to the shopping cart.


//code originally found in application_top.php

$cart->add_cart($product_id, $cart->get_quantity($pid)+1,$attributes);


I hope this helps, good luck with your site!



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I'm looking to do exactly this, hopefully using OSCommerce, except with computers. I don't suppose someone could post actual code? I'm not particularly good with php, but I suppose I could figure it out if I have to. Also, do you have to have a product for every variation, or can it be created dynamically?

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