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does osc work well with frontpage?


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Sarah - FP can be setup to work with php in a minimal way. But it won't allow you, nor will any of the other editors, to display your page the way it does an html page. I you want to do this, you will need to install php, mysql and apache on your computer. Other than that, you have to learn to edit the php files, upload them and then view the result in a browser. If you install the STS contribution, it will allow you to work with an html template. It will let you get a better idea of what your page will look like prior to uploading but, again, nothing like you are used to with FP.



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There is an Add-On available from the Microsoft site (not provided by Microsoft) called PHP Rocket, which can be installed into FrontPage that will allow you some limited use of php in FrontPage (will display some pages as they would on your website), but it really depends on the active content of the pages. Most osCommerce pages should render fine, but more dynamic php pages (chat rooms etc.) won't.


However, I am not an advocate of using FrontPage, and osCommerce does not work well with it in general.


The best way is as suggested by Jack - make your own computer into a local web server. There are various all-in-one packages, but for ease of installation I would recommend XAMPP. It installs very easily. The only drawback (applicable to most all-in-one packages now) is that it uses php5, so once you've installed your site locally you'll have to comment out $this on line 31 of admin/includes/classes/upload.php to read like so //$this (else the 'admin' part of osCommerce site won't appear).



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