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How can I protect my downloads?


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I want to use my store for distributing downloads to people, but I have a question.


Anyone who knows about the script or even just by guess & check or web crawlers can look in the "pub" directory and find the file without paying for it. Is there any way that I can protect these files from being downloaded without paying?

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Protect the "download" directory with .htaccess file like the following


AuthType Basic

AuthName "No access"

AuthUserFile .htnopasswd

AuthGroupFile /dev/null

Require valid-user


This will prevent users from browsing the place where you have placed the original download files.


Then do not allow directory indexing in the pub folder with a .htaccess files with the following in it.


Options +FollowSymLinks -Indexes


Then users will have to try and guess the random directory number that gets created for each order that will have a download. After the download has expired or is used up that directory and its contents is removed.




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