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Easy Populate Cateogry Problem


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Hey Ya'll


I've installed EasyPopulate and YES - read all the documentation (grin) ... everything works great with a few exceptions. My EasyPopulate file had nearly 1500 products .. so I used the Split feature and now I have EPSplit1.txt, etc.


I've set the $modelsize value in easypopulate.php to be: $modelsize = 75;


In OsCommerce, I've also set the maximum category value to be 75 for New Products Module as well.


However, it's CATEGORIES and SUBCATEGORIES that I need to edit, apparently. My categories are getting chopped off after about 33 characters ...


So, I have a subcategory with 108 products in it ... but EasyPopulate brings it into OsCommerce with 108 subcategories, each with 1 product (and the subcategory name is chopped off).


After typing this, I'm beginning to think that it may have nothing to do w/ the $modelsize and more to do w/ a setting somewhere that restricts the category and/or subcategory size.


Any help?


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here is the easypopulate support thread, post any further questions / answers there:




if you change modelsize to 75 in ep, you must also change it to 75 in the database. are you wanting to have a modelsize up to 75 characters?


also for subcategories, are you needing to go down that deep?


going down more than 4 means the customer keeps clicking and clicking and clicking . . ..



do not use apostrophes in the categories names.


just a few pointers. post any other comments in the other thread

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