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Need Help - all mods causing errors on checkou


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I did a clean install of oscommerce MS 2 2.2 and verified i could checkout.


I first installed Purchase Without Account mod, then on the final checkout_process.php page, the screen is blank with these errors:


Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable or not local in E:\Accounts\tools4fl\catalog\includes\classes\email.php on line 500


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at E:\Accounts\tools4fl\catalog\includes\classes\email.php:500) in E:\Accounts\tools4fl\catalog\includes\functions\general.php on line 29


The email file is not even modified. I went and checked for white space at the end of all files involved. The same thing happens when i installed the state-country selector mod and the MS3 Tax Class for osCommerce-ms2 on a fresh install. Once again, neither affect the email file and i had checked for white space.


I am hosted on a windows server. My mail settings are SMTP, CRLF and Use MIME HTML. The contact form works and the email sends, so this is not the problem either.


Please, can someone help me out? Thanks in advance!

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What are you using to edit your files? If you are not using a php editor you should be.

The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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Header Whitespace


download the file E:\Accounts\tools4fl\catalog\includes\classes\email.php open it and place your cursor after the last ?> then press delete several times, save the file and upload it.


Do not use the file manager to edit online as this can cause the whitespace.


instead use an ftp program such as ws_ftp to download the file to a local machine and edit then upload using the ftp program


If you require more information then Click

No longer giving free advice. Please place deposit in meter slot provided.  Individual: [=] SME: [==] Corporation: [===]
If deposit does not fit one of the slots provided then you are asking too much! :P

Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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I appreciate all of the advice. However, i found the problem was with STMP email, you have to set the "Send extra order emails to" field to just an email address, and not "Name <email@yahoo.com>" for some reason.


I have taken your advice on a good editor and now use Crimson Editor, which is great. (and free)

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