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Contrib Additional Shipping Options f Zone Module


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As I couldn't find a forum thread for this contribution which can be found here I hope the developer(s) will read this one !


First, thanks for this contribution ! It was just what I was looking for and it works great !

There is however one request I would like to make and which hopefully can be implemented in this contribution also. If I could I would do/try it myself but this goes beyond my knowledge. The request is to have an extra field in the admin where you can define one or more countries for which you want to surpress this particular shipping method. I am asking this because now I have a priority and a standard shipment which is fine for all shipments to another country but within my own country there is only one method and two are shown with the same price which is confusing. The reason to ask for the ability to have more than one country surpressed for a shipping method is because I live near enough to the Dutch border to have shipments done locally there also. So I can offer Belgium and Dutch people just the one local shipment there is while shipments to other countries always have a priority and standard/economy option.


Much obliged !



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