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The e-commerce.

Store has stopped sending out emails


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My online store has suddenly stopped sending out emails. The joining email welcome, notify a friend message and order summaries are not being sent to my customers. The email addresses they have provided are definetly correct and they have waited over the hour suggested on the new member sucessful signup page.


Are there any settings in oscommerce which might have changed by accident or is this something to do with my webhost (surfspeedy.com)?


I HAVE been receiving the emails from the store telling me about customer orders, but this is to an email address hosted on the same server as the shop.

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I asked the host first and they said the mail server was fine and I am able to send and receive emails from the address the store uses as normal.


Can anyone suggest a fix??


My server details are:

Operating System - Linux

Apache Version - 1.3.33 (Unix)

Kernel Version - 2.4.21-20.0.1.ELsmp

PERL Version - 5.8.4

PHP Version - 4.3.9

MySQL Version - 4.0.22-standard


and my email options in the admin panel are


E-Mail Transport Method - sendmail

E-Mail Linefeeds - LF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails - false

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS - false

Send E-Mails - true

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Do a search of these forums, because there appears to be an issue with the default e-mail text, which says something like "If you did not subscribe to this" which is misused by spammers, and is now resulting in e-mails which carry this as being tagged as incoming spam by some ISP's.



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I think I've cracked it, well I did some testing and know the cause! the emails are only not being sent to customers who have change their email address through in "my account" area after they have placed an order. Even if the new address is correct no email arrives at either.


I don't know anything about PHP or in which files to check it, but I guess it could be a bug.

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