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My Store Needs a Serious Facelift


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The first thing I'd do would be get rid of the picture and logo in the header. Create a nicer looking logo in Photoshop, something with smooth lines, etc. Look at other websites for ideas, then create your own.


Then I'd concentrate on the colors. Again, what I do is look at other websites for ideas, until I find a color scheme I like, then make the changes to duplicate it in the style sheet. Just doing this takes time but it's worth it I think.


Then I'd review all of your text, header text, messages on all your screens, and make adjustments to the content as needed. Looks like a lot of that is still "stock" osc.


Get rid of all of the clip art that comes with oSC. Just rem out the lines that display them. I've tried substituting new, more professional icons, but have found for me, not showing them at all is best for my site. My also be best for your site since you already have a lot of pictures of things. The icons just clutter it up.

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Your "Important Stuff" info box has scrolling text. The text looks good in IE but does not look right in Firefox or Netscape. The text is cutoff on the right and looks like it floats over the "What's new" box.


Personally, I hate javascript and try to minimize the use as much as possible.


Just my 2 cents,


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The scrolling text is not javascript. Its the marquee tag that is proprietary to Explorer. While other browsers try and emulate it, sometimes they don't get it right. The problem with it that I can see is that your span tags are not closed, you left them all open in the scroller. look for <span class="Scroller"> and close em all, that may correct the problem (for some browsers). Personally I would recommend removing it, the general feeling is that it is annoying and half the time they dont look right to browsers besides explorer. In old browsers and text browsers everything you want scrolling will be visible... this adds alot of clutter to your page. I suggest you download opera and play with the different style settings available to get a feel of how your site looks to people with accessability needs, old browsers or those who just plain turn off styles.

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