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The e-commerce.

!!! Site is not live !!! But someone placed order


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I was told by my client not to mention the site...site is not done...so its not public...


but He was excited about the site...he told a few people(friends)...


1 person placed an order today...


the only payment module I had 'installed' since OSC installation was the credit card module... which came installed by default...and I had uninstalled the money order module...


He just called me to tell me ...the person called his store...


He wants to know..and me too..If the person was billed...


I told him NO, because it has not been setup with his bank...merchant account etc....


but just want to make sure...because He will call the person up to charge them over the phone...


:sweating: :sweating:


Yikes....that put me on the spot :lol:

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Thanks Jack....


now gotta call him back to confirm it :lol:


now Im gonna install the mantaince contribution .... or maybe password protect the catalog folder.... I told him just today... I dont see it lauching this month...maybe in January... anywayz.. :blush: :lol:


whew....I didnt what was going on when I went to the site...and saw the Bestsellers Box...whenI thought it was set to show up after 1 purchase...and just when I saw that...BAM!! Phone rings and its client....



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Hi TCWho:


That's one of the downsides of installing this software. There's nothing to select to take your site 'off-line'. Once you install it......you're live.


I used Cube Cart previously. They had a wonderful feature in their admin section where you could place your store on-line or off-line....and if you selected off-line....you could insert whatever you wanted to tell customers that the website was off-line.....unavailable. No such luck here.

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Maintance contribution will allow you to close your site for maintance...good contribution..although i havent used it yet...probaly will install it this weekend...



very good contribution, allows exclusion of IP address so you can continue to see it as you maintain but other cannot.

Treasurer MFC

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