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osCommerce pass shipping data to paypal, what next


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Hi - I posted this to the developer.paypal.com forum as well hoping that it would be more in their court so to speak. I posted it here in the payment module section versus the shipping section simply because it has more to do with the paypal payment module than any shipping module.


I've got a small website that I'm looking at implementing osCommerce shopping cart on. I'm using the default Paypal payment module which comes with osCommerce.


It seeems to be passing data to paypal just fine and my paypal payment page comes up correctly.


Currently, I'm just testing osCommerce, but I have a paypal shopping cart setup on my site (in production). I have shipping configured at a flat rate within my paypal profile.


After I receive a transaction (purchase), when I login to paypal, and view the history. I see a "SHIP" button under the action column. I'm just started to investigate using this to print my postage/delivery confirmations.


PAYPAL QUESTION 1: If I use the ship button to print postage and deliver confirmation, does that information get automatically plugged into the detail of the transaction in the TRACKING NUMBER and SHIPPING COMPANY fields or do I have to enter those manually (as I've always done) after printing the postage?


osCommerce and Paypal QUESTION 2: I notice that osCommerce has a USPS shipping module built in where you can calculate the exact postage via zip code. If I want to calculate shipping in osCommerce (instead of paypal) and pass that information onto paypal, will I still have that "SHIP" button and be able to print postage and delivery confirmation from Paypal??


osCommerce and Paypal QUESTION 3: If I pass on that osCommerce shipping information to paypal, print my postage/delivery confirmation with the "SHIP" button in Paypal, will it populate the aforementioned TRACKING NUMBER AND SHIPPING COMPANY fields in the transaction details or do I have to enter it manually as I've always done. Basically, if the answer to Question 2 is YES, than I'm asking if I use osCommerce to pass the shipping details, will it populate the TRACKING NUMBER AND SHIPPING COMPANY fields when I print postage as it did in Question 2.


Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Just in case anyone is interested in this information. I have found the answers to my own questions.


Answer to Paypal question 1 is YES


Answer to Question 2 is unclear, but I'm guessing that the information will be passed if you are using the paypal IPN.


Answer to Question 3 *should be* yes. You will still pay for shipping with the SHIP button in paypal, however, the fees that are transferred from the customers account to your account will include shipping fees they paid to you.

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