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Shipping table rates


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Hi all, I've got a problem with the table rates module, I'm trying to get the shipping rate to alter with the weight of the cart, yet the results are all over the place.


E.G. the weight of the product is 10


Table rates are 100:1.00,200:2.00,300:3.00 and so on


So, add 1 product to the cart and check out, shipping is 1.00 - fine


Go up to 2 products in the cart (total weight therefore is 20) - again, same result, 1.00 shipping, ok


Go to 5 products in the cart and the shipping goes up to 2.00 (yet total weight can only be 50) - why is this?


Am I doing something wrong somewhere? I've tried different weights, different formulas and the results thrown up each time are totally random and never follow a pattern or make sense, obviously I can't go out to sell products with this uncertainty.


Is there a known bug with this module? Can anyone help?


Thanks in anticipation,



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