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Offering Coupon Discount


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I'm looking to offer discounts based on an alphanumeric code entered by the customer. I see there is contribution "Discount Coupons" but I know nothing about getting this working.


Any suggestions? Tips? The "install" file is mighty confusing to me, since I am new to this.


Thanks in advance.

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It comes with installation instructions. It's not that difficult to install, it just takes time. Make *sure* you back up first, though.


I find it easiest, with large installations like this one, to keep the backup files on my local drive with exactly the same directory structure as they are on in the server. I have one dir called "newfiles" or something like that, with the backups in "backupfiles". Once I'm completely finished making the modifications to the files in "newfiles", then I upload that directory structure. If something doesn't work, it's very simply to upload the "backupfiles" back so that I minimize my downtime.


It's also a good idea to test these changes on a staging area - - test server, so that you can 1) understand the changes before having to explain them to your customers, and 2) make sure it works before making the code changes to your production website.



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