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help for a beginner...


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Hello, I am new to oscommerce but after looking into it I am confident it has the neccessary tools I need for my website. I installed it to my website and will be using paypal as my payment module. I have no idea how to change the look of my website after I installed oscommerce. I am using frontpage to change the look of my website but after I installed oscommerce, I can't seem to open my home page in frontpage anymore. So I guess the only way to do it by using the oscommerce admin. tool but how do I do basic things like putting my own logo and rearranging the tables that come set up by default? Is the only way to do this by dealing with the coding? I try to stay away from coding as much as possible(which is way I got frontpge, cuz it writes the code for you), so is there any way to modify the look of my oscommerce website by not messing with the coding? Thanks for your advice in advance :rolleyes:

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1) You can use osCommerce templates (see contributions for a few template systems), both free and commercial.

2) You can edit the pages directly. The page layout is basically as follows:

top - includes/application_top.php

sides - includes/column_left.php and column_right.php

bottom - includes/footer.php

main content - can be index.php, product_info.php, or other pages depending on which page you're on

3) You can make stylesheet changes. See http://oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/Catalog_Area for details.



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