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Best payment option(s) ...


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Hi All,


I'm an eCommerce noob, setting up osCommerce for my home-based specialized web-hosting business, and now trying to choose payment options. For the record, I am quite web savvy, and have good HTML and PHP skills, which I will employ as necessary.


Of course I want reasonable transaction fees, but my first focus is: Which (type of) payment processing services offer the best experience for the customer?


I mean which:

- Are easiest to understand?

- Are the quickest and most convenient?

- Feel the most secure?

>> Bottom line: Which best encourage/least hinder sales?


I would greatly appreciate your comments and experiences on this.


Two specific points I could use feedback on:


(1) I figure it's better to keep all transactions completely within one's own web site, such that payments and such are merely background processes (as opposed to customers being thrown to say, PayPal). Do you agree, and can this be achieved?


(2) When researching payment processing companies, many don't seem to publish their rates. E.G.: I've been to several Authorize.net resellers, but have yet to find costs. Am I missing something? Can someone give me a rough idea of Authorize.net's fees?


Many thanks in advance,

Martin (kaat)

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it all depends upon your product, and how much you are selling if it is cost effective to get a payment processor and merchant account.

if someone sells up to (this is just a pulled out of hat figure) $3000, then you need to break it down by your margin, payment processor fees, merchant account fees, etc. to go to paypal versus something else, all up to the individual.

best thing to do is call your own bank you use, to see how you would be able to use them to be able to process internet sales. if you have dealt with them for quite some time and have excellent credit, sometimes you can fenagle and get no setup fees, etc. even talking with the authorizenet resellers is the same, ask them for discounts or no setup fees. some will and some wont, dont just stick with one reseller. let them know you are shopping around.

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I do appreciate your reply. But it's not really the "scaling" of options that I need help with ... I need tips for making my payment options as user-friendly as possible. I should say that my business will definitely start small; low sales volume and unit cost.


After reading through the PayPal site, it looks like a good option, but I'd love to hear about any customer objections others have experienced. And to what extent do you believe PayPal (or other services) enable you to present payment processing that is truly comfotrable to your customers?


Thanks again.

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Okay, first thing - yes there is customer resistance to using PayPal. Not as bad as it was now that the payment system has been simplified. But if you are just starting up it's the only low cost viable solution you'll find.


If you get above e.g. ?15,000 a year and you're based in the UK then the HSBC E-secure system would then become viable - and it's a much better system, customers trust it more.



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Pretty much any CC company that you use that does not leave the site is going to look the same to the customer. Obviously paypal where the customer leaves the site is not transparent but any where they stay on site should be. I would offer more than one choice, give them CC's, paypal, checks etc. from the customers point of view you can never have too many choices.

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