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The e-commerce.

why do I get ?'s before my ?'s?


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Just some shot-in-the-dark ideas (I have no answers I'm afraid).....


Is your page being interpreted by the server as being unicode encoded ? Seems unlikely, but....


Is the mime type correctly set in the server - should be ISO-8859-15 for UK ?


Is the locale settings correct ? This is defined in the configuration.php files (I think) - just do a global search for 'locale'. I can't remember off hand what this should be for the UK and I'm not at all sure it actually makes any difference.


Failing any of the above then maybe you'll just need to stick some debug into the code and see what it thinks it is outputing.


Sorry I can't be more help



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I like you started thinking of all the stupidly complicated answers... I never thought to just login into the admin area and looking at the product info.. I can see the ?'s before the ? for currency setup and I can also see the ?'s in parts of the product description boxes where special characters have been used. ie ? ? and ? etc



So, problem semi-solved.. now I just need to work out why it happened so I can prevent it from happening again.



Thanks anyway



Kind Regards :)


Lee McLachlan


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Sorry for suggesting the stupidly complicated ideas, but I assumed (never assume !) that you had already looked at the blindingly obviously stupid ideas :-)


Clearly not.


by the way, ISO-8859-15 is NOT a mime type - typo on my part - sorry.



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