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Register Gloabls + off anfd wishlist


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man , this whole register globals = off issue is grinding my projects to the ground.


Anyway, here we go.....again...Installed Wishlist 2.3, I am running a HEAVILY modified OSC shop with the register_globals = off contribution, which pretty much has made all others a pain in teh ass to install. So far I got headers Controller, ultrspics, QTpro, Product Sorting, Admin Paging, Register Globals.


Wishlist was my last contribution, and this one has turned out to be the hardest to break.


I list the issues I am having:


A) Nothing gets added to the wishlist or cart ever.

B) When adding a product by hand via phpMyAdmin, I STILL do not see it in the infobix or the wishlist page.



Looks to me like none of the form variables are making it throught. I know it has tobe be a register_globals = off because the problems are similar to other issues I had with other contributions. Also, some of you have had the SQL problem when clicking on the "Buy Now" button, which I did (SQL error = can't delete from TABLE..etc, etc)..In my case I added code from another fix related to the register_globals = off and it took care of it, which ledas me to belive the problems are variable-related:


I suspect the error is taking place in the application_top.php file, and if not definetly on the product_info.php page. I assume the wishlist.php may also be adding to the problem.


Anyone ever installed Wishlist 2.0 in a register_globals = off oscand how did y9ou went about it?


Also, I am using the lastest mod that controls the maximun display number in teh Wishlist page from the Admin> Maximun Values panel.


Thanks folks.

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