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Sends Email verification


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Hi there,


I am having a lot of customers just signing in for an account and then don't finish the order or never come back ... this causing me over 3000 customers monthly to sign up for fun.


So how can we have the customers "add their email" and then get a "Please follow the link that has been sent to your email to continue the signing procedure"


So basically they can NOT continue the signing up process unless they validate their email by following the link that should be sent to the email givin by them (or it can be a code that they can add on our pages to continue the signing up)



Any ideas ??? :(

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Maybe you have a competitor doing it... spamming you with bogus account creations.


If you think the volume (3000 a month) is too high for your site, then that might be the problem and you could try using the contribution that requires the user to enter a "key code" before the account is created. Sorry, I can't find it right now but someone else could post the link to this contrib. It's a graphic that automatted processes can't read, therefore only manual acct creation is possible (supposedly).


However, if you think the volume is NOT too high for your site, them maybe your checkout procedure has something wrong with it that makes people leave without completing it? Post your URL to let people check it out in this case.

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Here's the contribution:

Visual Verify Code


If you need to use this (instead of fixing something in your checkout process), this method is probably better then a verify email address thing.


Verify email address are not usually used for online stores. Only for services, etc. where the service MUST verify your email address for some reason. You'll irratate customers if they have to wait for your email and then reply to it, just to buy something from your site.

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There is an email verification contribution, which verifies the users email account by sending them their login passoword instead of them defining their own, this is the only one I think, in conjunction with vvc above this is as good as it gets I think without bespoke php coder doing a fix for you how you would like it.

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