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Pre-launch feedback


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Hi there,


I seem to have something odd going on with the header graphic.

I'm using IE at 1024x768 & when my window is full screen the graphics on the left are all separated, with whitespace before the graphic begins, between the end of the text and the curved graphic and then between the end of that graphic and the beginning of the random images on the right.


example image (only up for a short time)


When I make the window smaller however, to around 800 pixels wide, it all looks fine.


And I think you could probably get rid of the "This product was added to our database..." line on your product info pages and maybe add additional contact details to your contact us page, such as a phone number and mailing address.


But aside from those, I reckon that site is great! Well done.

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Hi there.. Im using FireFox to browse.. on 1024x768..


Image spacing is off.. you need a background up there if you plan to use a site at 100%


Conditions page is out of format, the text falls way outside of the background image'd area.

Login page is out of format, the text falls way outside of the background image'd area.

Create account page is out of format, the text falls way outside of the background image'd area.

Shipping page is out of forma... bah im tired of typing that. let's just say all of the pages are out of format.


Terms and conditions: a simple highlight right click > google search> reveals where you copied these terms.


On your index page your "third column" list of categories is not formatted like the other two. Not sure if this was intentional or, accidental. But it doesn't look like it "flows" as it is right now..


On product pages you have an information box on each side of the page..


I didn't check any parts of the "Members" area because I refuse to join a site that requires my birthday, I don't feel that's any of anyone's business. (Just my personal preference)


On this page: http://www.allmadeup.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=25 what is the purpose of the "Categories box' below the actual list?


<Peter> Your privacy notice says you won't share addresses, how do you plan to ship items? By hand to door?</peter>

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Overall I like your main page but I think the text "Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?" could be rewritten to give yourself a more upscale image.


Your images in your header are too large, they are the last thing to load on the page.


It looks like your logo in your header was an afterthought, compared to the work you have done with the rest of the page I know you have the capabilities to have something more eye catching than Allmadeup.co.uk.


The font in your gift selection list is different than the other two.


When I click on Men's Fragrance's (which I think should be Men's Fragrances) it lists "Categoriesaaa" at the top with a huge blank wasted space at the bottom of the page http://www.allmadeup.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=24


All your product images have a white background but the page background is blue. It would look much more professional if they were the same color and blended in together.


When I look at a product such as this all of a sudden you have a left column. It looks like you just forgot to take it out of that page.


Retail Price: ?29.00

Our Price: ?25.99

You Save: ?3.01 (10%)

You better be offering FREE shipping or that will eat up all the savings. As a consumer that does not make me want to buy your products.


"This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 14 November, 2004." Not needed.


"DKNY was created by Donna Karan in 2000 and is recommended for daytime wear. Notes of orquideas, narcissus, orange, tomato leaf, daffodills and white birch." Try the DKNY site, there has to be a fuller description somewhere.


Information box "About us" should be "Us".


About us;

"genuine and incorporate a 14 day" I don't like the word "incorporate", sounds to business like.

"Click here for more details." Your link should be a different color, it hardly shows up.

It is the wrong place for your privacy information. Use it to promote yourself and tell people who you are, what you do, why they should do business with you, etc.



Shipping and Returns;

You save your customer 3.01 (as above) but shipping is 2.50 so I would save .51 but if I need to return it then I would have to pay 5.20 restocking fee + postage back to you..... hmmmm... let me think about this purchase for awhile.



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