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CountryCreekFarm.com Online Store

Manmade Designs

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Well, this is my first ever attempt at playing with the site. Please, give me your honest opinions/suggestions!! Thanks!


Oh, yeah, I know it's not secure yet. That will be changed tomorrow morning. Also, I know I need more images of the different products.. my client is just taking her sweet precious time to get the products ready for snapshots of them, though. :-"


CountryCreekFarm.com - Online Store

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The setup of this store is pretty stock.. If that?s the look you?re going for, I?m pretty sure you nailed it :)


I Think the following statements fall into ?personal preference? more then anything else..


1. Images are all the same, if visiting this site as a customer, I?d leave due to poor attempt at originality.

2. Sites with dark background colors make me sleepy

3. You have no terms, conditions, shipping, or policies..

4. You have a language box, for your only language, English

5. You have a currencies box for your only currency, US Dollar

6. Contact us says ?Enquiry? if you?re in the US, shouldn?t it be ?inquiry?

7. Product descriptions.. not sure if they exist? I?m not sure if their products really sell themselves?

8. The write review button is see thru?

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Should have descriptions to describe the scents offered and tell us how much we are getting for our money. I mean how big is an individual size anyway? The 1/2 gallon sizes should also include their weight as potpourri is usually a dry product. Also include the weight for the candles. How many ounces of wax do those containers hold?

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