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Register_Globals, php.ini


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Hi there!


Here comes a question for the php developers. :)


I do have the problem with the register_globals setting to beeing turned off at my shared host.


But they say that I can enable the register_globals to be true if I put this line of code in the top of the php page. Please look below.



"Can I use Register_Globals in my PHP Application?


The default PHP framework has been setup with Register_Globals turned off for security purposes and error warnings turned on. You can find more information about these security precautions at wwww.php.net.


You can insert the following code in the top of your PHP pages if you wish to ignore the suggested settings of the PHP development team:


The following line of code turns on register_globals for your php page.

ini_set ('register_globals', '1');


The following line of code turns off the error warnings on your php page.

ini_set ('display_errors', '0');



Then my question is. When I have this option. How can I use this line of code together with osCommerce?


Am i supposed to put that line of code into every php file in the webshop system?

Or do you think I can put it into just one php file that is in the startup of the oscommerce?


Thanks a lot!




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I try placing it in two files, at the top just before the check for register_globals is performed.











Ok thanks.

I tried that but it still comes up the same.

Are you sure that check isn't in some other files as well?


Or can you tell me which files is in need of the register_globals service?

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In the code it says that the register_globals requirement will be taken away before the final release of 2.2


Then it proves that register_globals isn't a necessary thing to have. Why is it in these versions?


Aren't there someway for me to take the requirement away myself?


:) Sorry if I'm seeming to be a little bit pushy about this.


A bit stressed to get this on going.

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Doing a search of the forums for 'register globals' produces this list.


I saw a response to this recently about changing something in the 'upload.php' file, but I cannot remember which folder this is in.

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