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Is it dangerous to chmod 777 the www dir?


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Hi there,


I'd like to be able to create some new files on the 'www' directory of my hosting server in order to easily create new pages content via the admin.


Is there a security issue if I chmod this directory to 777?

Also do I need to chmod 777 a dir in order to be able to create, open a file, edit it and close it?

Or is there a better alternative?


The objective is to create an admin page where my client can create some new pages for extra-content.


Thanks a lot for your advices,


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no do not chmod the www to 777. that is a big security issue if you do that.

there is a great contribution, called pagemaker if you need to create other pages.l


you are asking for a can of worms and the site being hijacked, if you do that.

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You could change it to 777, just as an experiment. After a week (maybe more if it's not a totally new account that nobody is aware of), start a blog about what others are doing to your site. It'd be fun to watch.



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