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SSL and Unsecured item on page


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Hello all,


I have a SSL Certificate on my site and everything looks fine till you goto checkout and the banners I have that run on the site are not Secured. This causes a warning message to pop up and asks if the person wants the unsecured items to show up or not. Now, somebody that doesn't know to much may think that their credit card could be compromised and just stop right there.


I'd like to keep the banners on the site, but just stop them from coming up when someone goes to checkout. Where and what code would I change to stop the banners from coming up during the checkout procedure?


Thansk again all and Happy Thanksgiving.. :thumbsup:


I appreciate all the help that everyone on this site has given me!

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You appear to have the sort of setup with an httpdocs folder and an httpsdocs folder. If that is the case then you need to copy over the offending images into an 'images' folder in httpsdocs.


The alternative .........................


Without seeing your site I'm guessing that your banners are in the header part of your page. What you can do is to create a seperate header.php file under another name, and at the top of each 'checkout' page where it calls for the inclusion of header.php replace that with the header without the banner links.



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Well I have the same problem except I don't use banners. On the checkout_confirmation.php page, when I click on the submit button a window comes down telling me that despite the page is encrypted, the form will be sent clear to the bank... which "doesn't make it". I precise I have no double-folders configuration (httpdocs and httpsdocs) and don't use banners, as said.


Any idea ?





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