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The e-commerce.

My site is online thanks to your help


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Once again thank you for all your help, even though I didn't post to often with questions. I fould a massive amount of information on this site and only wish I could have so much computer knowledge myself. Cheers everyone.


Well enough said here is my site: CheekyTrends.com

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1) Your header alt tag is "oscommerce"

2) Top ? Catalog are the same page. Look in english.php

3) You need product descriptions.

4) Why do you need the languages and currencies boxes if you don't have a choice.

5) The "Let's See What We Have Here" on your category pages does not show up very well.


My favorite sections;

6) On your shipping page you have "$5.00 Internationally". Have you checked the shipping costs of sending a Necklace to Antarctica since it is on your list of countries that you have?

7) On your privacy page "we use consumer information every day to ensure fast and accurate processing of hundreds of thousands of money transfers." How many money transfers do you handle?????

8) "information is encrypted with Pay Pal and 2Checkout so the information you provide is unreadable as it travels over the internet." I thought SSL encrypted the data and I don't see you having SSL.

9) First you state "Cheeky Trends does not disclose customer information to third parties without first giving customers an opportunity to opt-out of certain kinds of disclosures ...." then in the same paragraph you have "Finally, Cheeky Trends may disclose information about former customers to third parties and companies". That part is scary, if I buy something and then 5 minutes later, am I considered a former cutstomer. It make me glad I haven't signed up for an account yet.

10) "Vendors and other outside contractors we engage are subject to our contractual requirements to ensure that sensitive personal information is safeguarded." Can you post your contract with your shipping company and also with PayPal and 2checkout stating that they will abide by your privacy policy and what changes (if any) they have made to their systems to ensure they are in compliance of your privacy policy. I would love to know how you got so much pull with them.

11) "At Cheeky Trends, security is a priority." hmmmm, you could start with getting SSL!!!!

12) "Cheeky Trends is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by websites that are linked from our website. " Does this include linking to Paypal and 2checkout?

13) On Conditions of Use "xxxWebsite Terms & Conditions" at the very top. Take out the xxx.

14) ". 4.2 We will use " You have an extra "."

15) In 7.1 "with applicable UK Data Protection legislation from time to time in place. " What does the UK have to do with anything you do?

16) You need a <br> before point 7.4

17) "LAW The Conditions will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada whose Courts " I would change that to Ontario unless you want to defend yourself in a BC court.


I think that is it.



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1) Your header alt tag is "oscommerce"
Where do I change that?


My favorite sections;
LoL Thanks I'll go change them right away!!

Thank you!!!


use SSL
I've looked into it $$$, any suggestions?


Once again thank you

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You can get a Geo Trust ssl cert for $49 (retail price is $169)


I bought one for a customer the other day and it was setup in no time, however in order to have one of these certs (its not a shared ssl) you will have to contact your hosting provider as he needs to provide you with a CSR and will need to instal it on the server.


If like me you have your own server then you can install it yourself, also if you are not on a dedicated server you will also need to have your hosting provider supply you with a unique IP address for your account as the cert will need this, most hosting companys charge for a unique IP address.


basicaly your talking about $49 for the ssl cert and around $40 to $50 for the unique IP address.


you can get the $40 cert from www.ev1servers.net (bottom right of the page) there is also an option for a $4.99 ssl cert but I cant give any feedback on that one.


hope that helps a little



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