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Specification of swedish taxes


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Hi Everyone,


I have a problem with the swedish taxes (not only expensive but difficult to specify in OsC). We have different tax rates on different goods. Most goods have a tax rate of 25% (!) but books have a tax rate of 6% (better, uhu). I have in admin/locations & taxes/tax rates specified the two different tax rates. Which I call "normal tax" and "book tax". So when I add a new product i admin/catalog I choose which tax rate that should be used for the product. So far so good...


My customers will pay shipping per kilo and they can pay the goods with credit card or with "postf?rskott". Which means that they get the package at the postoffice when they they pay for the products there. The postoffice charge for the shipping of course but also 36 swedish kronor (exkl tax 25%) for the service of handling the payment.


The proper way to specify the order in Sweden is to inform the customer about the total cost for the product, cost of shipping, cost of "postf?rskott, 45 kr) and the Total. After this one should specify how much tax that is included in that Total price. And since I sell books with 6% tax and other stuff with 25% tax I get a problem.


I have to use the following modules for this:

In payment I use the "cash on delivery (cod)" module. Renamed "Postf?rskott"

For shipping I use the "shipping module" with table rates.

And for the "Order Total" I use "sub-total" as 1, "shipping" as 2, "payment charge" as 3 (this one renamed to postf?rskott), "tax" as 4 and "Total" as 5.

In the settings of "payment charge" I specify that the cost is 45 kronor and the payment type to get charged is "cash on delivery" (COD:36). And that is should use tax class "normal tax" (25%).


Then the confirmation looks like this, on a product for 2.500 kronor with 25% tax and a book for 53 kronor with 6% tax:


Sub-Total: 2.553 kr (correct)

Shipping: 151 kr (correct)

Postf?rskott: 45 kr (correct)

Total: 2.749 kr (correct)

Which include normal tax (25%) of: 530 kr (not correct, the tax on the "postf?rskott) is not included)

Which include book tax (6%) of: 3 kr (correct)


and then I get this funny specification:

25: 9 kr (I have no clue what 25 is but the 9 kronor is the correct tax of the "postf?rskott"!)


This is just not an acceptable specification. The last specification (25: 9 kr) should not be there. The 9 kronor should be added to "Which include normal tax (25%):"


Is there a really clever guy or girl who knows how to fix this? Basically the cost in "payment charge" in the module "Order Total" should just be added to the tax of the specified tax class. I dont want a separate specification just fot that tax, with a really strange title.


Please help, I am not good enough for this!!!

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See if you can find the Swedish betalnings method modification... do a search under contributions. Perhaps it can resolve your problem. I cant remember the exact name, but if you search the mods using the word "swedish" you should find it

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thanks for the tip but the swedish module is useless. It can only handle one tax rate. Anyone?


In Finland we have similar TAX system and I have managed to solve this problem by using Payment Type Charge Contribution.



But using this module, can great other problem. See here:



I know this isn’t right way to do this, but for now been it has to bee enough for me. Maybe this help you, too.

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