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Hello all,


I took over a shop which was done in the origional OSCommerce Design.


Been working on a new design and was just wondering what people though of it upto now, and this is the best place to get that feedback.


Still a few bugs that need ironing out and a few pages haven't yet been changed, but any comments, be it bad or good will be greatly appreciated.


***** Please note ******


This is an adult shop, so if you are offended by adult material or are under 18, don't click on the link below!


My Webpage




(was origionally thinking of converting it all to XHTML 1.1.......that idea was soon thrown out the window :blink: )

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Great graphics for the nice/naughty differences.


The layout is (for me) a little too osCommerce still. You've done some good things, but take it a step further...


As an example

-> move the search into that big space in the header.

-> why show the shopping cart if it has nothing in?

And so on.


It is possible to remove (or move elsewhere) almost all the infoboxes which will allow you to move away from the standard osC layout.


You _desperately_ need new buttons. As well as better product descriptions (for Search Engines to latch onto).


Overall, try to make the Layout as good as the Graphics - at the moment it's not...

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Your category menu has a slight formatting problem. If you were to click on 'Fetish' using Mozilla Firefox (which of course I didn't) you might notice a certain category heading beginning Arab.....

This heading is too wide for the column and flows over to the next line, overwriting what was written thereon.


The images could do with some work. Somehow they are too contained, not naughty enough. They do the job but there's no pzazz! It is probably the little regimented rows of product images. Looking for inspiration here. What is that beachwear site now..... It's on the tip of my tongue :P ....ah yes.... wickedweasel.com

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Thanks for your feedback guys.


My clients have set up some banner exchanges so I was thinking of putting them in the space at the top. Going to remove shopping cart if empty and the buttons are in the process of being changed.


Product descriptions are in the hands of my clients, I am informed they are going to be updated. The products info page needs totally changing.


Going to alter CSS to fix menu bug.


This site is far from being finished.....so much work, so little time.


Well, thanks again for your comments guys, they have been well noted. :thumbsup:


Oh, and the wickedweasel.com site, words fail me.

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