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multilingual graphics :: language specific


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Hi there I'm really confused about this because Brian gave two answers in september to this, but they appear to be quite different.

I need to add graphic buttons of my own that change according to language.

Can someone update on this please !!! I'm desperate here..

So ok--it's to do with $langid.

But this is what Brian said in 1 answer and I followed these instructions to no avail...



STS supports the default OSC language settings, and you can further control how your template displays images by using the $langid variable in your file names.


For example, if you want a button that says "Shopping Cart" in various languages, in your template file where you would normally have


<img src="images/cart_button.gif"> (or whatever you call it)


change it to be


<img src="images/cart_button-$langid.gif">


and then create the graphics $cart_button-1.gif for English, $cart_button-2.gif for German, $cart_button-3.gif for French, etc. The numbers should match the LANGID variables in your database.


Hope this helps.


- Brian


But this is what Brian said in 2 answer...


You could do this, just have the graphics in the menu as button1-$langid.gif", button2-$langid.gif etc.


The graphics would then appear in whatever language you want, and they would go to the same URL/links regardless of the language, since OSC is multi-language by default.


Of course, if you really want a different language for each page, just make your links like <a href="thispage-$langid.html"> or <a href="thatspage-$langid.php"> or whatever you want.


- Brian



So, can someone please boil this down and simplify this?

which one is correct---I can't get either working. Why? has something changed?The first explanation on how to do this does not work.


is it :'(



and wher should the graphics go?


thanks for your help on this.

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How to change custom made images according to language in STS::language specific graphics...


ok----it took a while but I found the answer, so if anyone needs I hope they find this.


1. add the following code somewhere at the top in sts_user_code.php


$template['langid'] = $languages_id;


2 .Then in your sts_template.html file, each button's HTML IMAGE tag must go something like this:


<img src="mytemplate/mybutton$langid.gif">


Then you could create mybutton1.gif, mybutton2.gif and mybutton3.gif, one for each language...put them in your template file.



1 is for english

2 is for spanish

3 is for, etc.

these numbers at the end are the language id numbers, you can find them in your database, or just look closely in the urls when editing in admin/localisation/languages for instance....



this is just a breakdown of another post I found.

it's getting hard to find some things in these forums these days !!

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