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Packing slip & Invoice, no address info


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I have spent HOURS trying to figure this one out...to no avail, so far.


Customer orders are showing up in admin/customers/orders (------order.php) with customer name, order total, date ordered, etc. However, when I click on a specific order and attempt "edit", "invoice" or "packing slip" NONE of the customer's info shows up.


My store name and info is there along with the products they've orders, scents and so forth. Totals there. It seems to be that the ENTRY_ fields are not being carried over.


The "test customer" (just other people in the company- site is not live yet) is getting all of the information in their confirmation email and all of the info is being stored in their "My Account" area.


My eyes are blurry...my head hurts and I need to take a break. I had one person that had this problem before tell me that they seem to remember it having something to do with the tax and countries tables. However, I'm looking through the sql database and I don't see anything that is different from a store that we have set up for someone else. And I can't figure out where the "lost in translation" problem is coming from, since the ENTRY_ fields are in the invoice.php files, etc. And the database is storing the info...


Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!



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There is a known bug in the address book where a user's entry can get overwritten with someone else's entry.


This may not be that problem, but it's easy to check. Look up the customer in phpMyAdmin (or similar). Note their address_book id value. Do a search to see if anyone else has that same value. Look in the address_book table to see if that address_book id matches the customer that you think it should be associated with.



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O.K. It's fixed- what a Thanksgiving indeed!


(At the suggestion of redfoot63 :) ) I went in and installed clean files of





and then re-did the paypal ipn modifications to those pages. Bam!!! It works.


I know there are a few other topics I found during my hours of scouring the boards that people seemed to be having the same problem. When I am back in the office after the holidays, I'll try to find them again and post there too.



Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless~



And I'll check out the databases with customer's info, too. Thanx. Seems like that might be something to keep my eye on!

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