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Changing path / name of database & tables


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Where can you alter the path for the database & tables? Is it possible to set-up a web-site on a separate URL/host and have it take info from the OSC database by quoting the path for the dbase?


What happens if the database is moved or renamed? Is it possible to chnage the info for all the php files etc so that they take information from the correct databse?


The reason I ask is this:


I have two sites selling many of the same products on two different hosts/domains. I currently have two admin sections, 2 osc installs and 2 databses. It is a pain having to upload the product data twice (picture, descrition, price, weight etc) - once for each OSC install. Easy Populate could make this job a lot easier but I am still left with a problem regarding stock levels.


The stock levels set in both sites are the actual stock levels we have. When a sale is made at one site it's stock levels are automatically updated however, we have to manually alter the stock level on the other site so that they match the new stock count.


Hopefull if I knew how to change where information is taken from I could alter the sites so that stock levels etc are kept in one database whilst all other info is stored in it's own (customers, orders etc).


Might be impossible - who knows?

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