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Trouble getting osCommerce admin - ipowerweb cust


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I have tried this many times and continue to get the same problem.


I am an ipowerweb.com customer and have a hosting account with them. I go into the ecommerce section and install osCommerce on my server. I type in a valid username/password (no slashes or chars) and it installs successfully. However, when I try to enter the admin module, it asks for my username/password. I type it in, exactly as I typed it when I created it, and it does not take. Simply returns me to the dialouge to enter the username/password again!


I've done this at least 20 times today...any answers??

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Yes, I think what you need to do is this. Using your web hosting Control Panel set your 'admin' folder as a Password Protected folder (you'll be prompted for a User Name and Password). Once that's set up I think you'll find the User Name and Password you've just set up will get you in there.


I'm guessing that this install of osCommerce was provided by your hosting company, as a 1-click install, or similar, from your Control Panel. These sort of installs require that you set up a User Group and an Authorised User on that group to access the 'admin' section. With an Ensim control panel you set up a User Group, add an existing User to it, and then Password Protect the directory, assigning it to that group. With cPanel I think you can just do it in one go, Password Protecting and selecting the User Name and Password in one go.


If none of the above works then FTP to your 'admin' folder and delete the .htaccess file in there.



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I just went through the same problem with ipowerweb.

To make a long story short, i reinstalled. I finnally realized that there was also a "Oneclick" uninstall, and sinnce I am just starting this site, I could afford to do so. Then, upon a reinstall, it will ask you for the user/pass that you want and you're done with it.

BUT... this new installer that ipowerweb is using is not working out so well for me.

I will probably go to a manual install by the end of the day. I've asked them for documentation on this installer, but I am not expecting anything. I know that there was DEFINITELY a problem with this installer between (at least) 12/15/04 to exactly 1/5/05, which is when my support incident was closed with them.

Here is there exact quote:

"Thank you for contacting iPowerWeb Technical Support. We recently updated the installation of the osCommerce install of the server your site is located on. Unfortunately, there were some bugs in this installer which caused the issues you described. Our developers are currently working on the issue and we expect this to be corrected within the next few days. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

This response was received after I reported the same exact problem that you have.

I do not know what the details are, but apparently, the installer was causing the access problems.

I'm starting to think they are trying to install onto virtual servers, or virtual something or anothers that are virtually not working.


VGer, if you have heard of any news regarding the ipowerweb installer, please let me know, or point me to any threads regarding this issue.



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just for reference sake, here is ipowerweb's reply about their new installer.

Maybe it will help someone, somewhere....

Thank you for contacting iPowerWeb Technical Support. Due to problems caused by certain webdesign programs, such as frontpage, deleting the installations when it publishes, we've put the osCommerce install, along with most other plugins, in a different directory, and have a server redirect for these files. You can get into this directory by ftping to the following directory:




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